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Cafes and restaurants

"Good design is obvious.

Great design is transparent.“

Joe Sparano

The range of conceptual developments and stylistic directions in the implementation of the interior design of commercial catering premises is as great as the culinary masterpieces of all peoples of the world. However, unchanging rule remains the same - to develop such a design project, the full implementation which will bring huge success to the culinary project, and customers will come back to us again and more than once!

Each design project of a new restaurant / cafe is projected on the basis of the experience and knowledge of our talented designers (including those from international practice) and carries not only beauty, but also practicality, functionality, comfort, modernity and unique style. We take into account absolutely all the details, starting with a competent setting of lighting and up to the target audience of a particular institution.s.

Our goal is not just to hand over a beautiful project. It is important for us to achieve the ideal implementation of renderings in life (not without the sensitive author's control of the project managers of the studio, of course). Our goal is to develop a whole philosophy that will harmoniously highlight all the advantages of the institution, work attract the right audience and skillfully distinguish it from many competitors.


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