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"Even when I enter a space that I have to design for a client,

I listen to what the space says – the walls, the windows.

You can't change what that space wants to be."

Lella Vignelli

The development of design projects for commercial premises is one of the main aspects of the activities of the Archiquad studio. Each interior design of any type of commercial premises, whether it is a large business center, a cozy office, a reputable (solid) bank or headquarters, is based on fundamental principles drawn from many years of experience (including foreign ones) of highly qualified studio designers:

  • modernity and conciseness of style, depending on the specifics of the space and its spatial capabilities
  • collaboration between aesthetics and functionality
  • "to be one step ahead" - a clear statement of not only current but also future trends and customer needs
  • literacy of the project and complete confidence in its implementation
  • taking into account the minimization of future costs due to the wear resistance of selected materials.

Our commercial interiors have authenticity and signature, making the entire project stand out from the competition. Moreover, our project managers carry out very scrupulous architectural supervision, thanks to which the result is an ideal embodiment of visualization in reality. This fact is noted not only by our team, but also by our esteemed clients, most of whom are top business projects in the republic.


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